"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

- Coco Chanel - 

  Revereaux is the vision of artist, designer, jeweler and real estate broker Dolly Rever.  Dolly is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina but has had the privilege of living in and traveling to some of the most magical cities around the world; places that have sparked great influence on her creative process.  Dolly's love of art began at a very early age when she day-dreamed over pieces in her childhood home that her great-grandmother painted when she studied impressionistic art in Florence as a young woman during the early 20th century.  From then on, Dolly's affinity for European art grew into a love for mastery of craftsmanship from antiquity to modern from every corner of the world which is easily recognizable in her work.  Her jewelry creations are adored around the globe and are seen on celebrities and socialites in print, television, and on the big screen.

  In addition to her love of adornment and fashion, Dolly is also an avid equestrian having spent her life around horses.  Bringing together equestrian sports, design and real estate makes it only natural for her to want to help her clients find the perfect place to make their dream farm a reality.  Furthermore, Dolly is also a "Boutique" residential agent, meaning she only works with a very small number of clients at one time in order to give them the highest and best service for that tailor-made experience.  For more information on how Dolly can help you with your equestrian or residential real estate needs, please visit:


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